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The completion of the major paper is prerequisite to enroling to the Dissertation consultation seminar I.

The topic of the major paper may be theoretical, or, in fields where there is an opportunity for observation and experimentation (e.g. linguistics or applied linguistics), practical.

The Aims of the Major paper:

Major paper candidates must prove their ability to synthesise previously acquired knowledge. They must exhibit their capability to complete the initial steps of research work and apply the rules of English academic writing both in method and style in a short research paper of approximately 15 pages.

Choice of Topic; Supervisor:

The choice of major paper topics is restricted to the range of fields designated by the Institute. This may vary from year to year according to the decisions of the Head of Institute.

Any lecturer of the Institute may act as supervisor.

The choice of topic must be approved by the Head of Institute.

Title Designation, Consultations:

The major paper candidate must have his/her topic approved by a supervisor of his/her choice, in writing, on the form sheet provided by the Institute designated as ’Major paper form’.

Acceptance of the topic is indicated by the signature of the Head of Institute.

There must be a minimum of four (one per month) consultations.

At consultations, the major paper material must be presented in writing, as it develops.

Consultation sessions must be registered with the signature of the supervisor.

Timeline for candidates who write the major paper in the Spring semester

Submission of the completed Major paper form: the last Friday of February, 12:00

March: research of sources and compilation of bibliography under the guidance of the supervisor; further refinement of chosen topic.

31 March: completion of a chapter, the detailed list of contents, and the bibliography of the major paper.

31 May: deadline for the submission of the major paper.

In the event the candidate writes the major paper in the Autumn semester (September), respective deadlines are: the last Friday of September,12:00, October for research of sources and compilation of bibliography under the guidance of the supervisor; further refinement of chosen topic, 31 October, 31 December deadline for the submission of the major paper.

Submission of the Major paper:

The major paper must be submitted to the Institute in 1 printed paperback copy and electronically (via email to the supervisor in pdf format).

The outer cover must display the word ’Major paper’ as well as the name and major (‘Angol alapképzési szak’) of the candidate and the year of the major paper.

A declaration by the candidate must also be enclosed, stating that the major paper is the candidate’s own intellectual property.

Length and Language of Major paper:

A minimum of 15 pages.

Only main text body pages may be counted in the volume of the dissertation, excluding title page, table of contents, bibliography, and appendices.

Font: Times New Roman; font size: 12; spacing: 1.5; margins: left 3.5 cm (to allow for binding), all other margins 2.5 cm.

The language of the major paper is English.

Evaluation of the Major paper

The major paper is evaluated by the supervisor, based primarily on professional content.

The supervisor must issue a detailed analytical evaluation of the major paper.

The Institute must send the evaluation completed by the supervisor no later than a week before the end of the exam period.