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Major Paper Topics

BA in English

BÚS, Éva, PhD, chair, associate professor

Literary history: early and early modern English literature

- The Middle Ages

- Renaissance (Elizabethan times)

- Mannerism, Baroque (Jacobean, Caroline times)

- The long eighteenth century (Restoration-1798)

- Romanticism

- Victorian era

(Theoretical approaches, concept building strategies, orientation [to the discussion of the texts from the above ages]:

- Cultural history: outer and inner text space [literary texts as the expression of cultural impressions]; the text as the model of a culture; text-based [close reading] discussion of specific cultural transfer]

- The text as a verbal icon; concept and theory of the verbal icon; iconic characteristics of the text space text contour, inner text space, mimetic relationship between the iconic components [outer shape + inner form]; iconic traits of the plot structure [muthos] in lyric, epic and dramatic works; relationship between muthos and dianoia; individual iconic features in literary texts [iconography, iconology]; organizing images in texts; skhematic and/or morphetic reading of a text.

- Variants of spatial metaphors, their role in the shaping of the inner form of texts

- Genre theory [investigation of specific iconic characteristic of modes and genres]; mingling of genres; hybrid genres [e.g. lyrical novel, prose verse, lyrical drama,

dramatic monologue].)

CZEGLÉDI, Sándor, PhD, associate professor

American (U.S.)

- identity, identity politics

- language ideologies

- language rights

- bilingual education

- linguistic imperialism




FORINTOS, Éva, PhD, associate professor

- The contactlinguistic study of the written or spoken language of the Hungarian minority communities in the (English-speaking) world

- The language use of the Hungarian minority communities in the world in different domains

HORTOBÁGYI, Ildikó, PhD, chair, associate professor

- Historical linguistics in modern-time media products

- Multiculturalism and multilingualism

- Language of the American media/journalism

- Shaping global culture: the role of advertisements

- Minority issues in the American mass media

- Interpreting and understanding American media

- Re-interpreting the American identity

- Multicultural issues in the media (comparative approach)

- Societal Issues in TV series

- Comparative study of media texts

 MOLNAR, Claudia, native language instructor

I will welcome students who wish to research within any areas (in addition to those below) of teaching and learning methodology, language acquisition (first, second and beyond), Language Learning with Special Educational Needs.

Learner autonomy and student engagement

Course Design

Language Examinations-Authenticity in testing.

Language Improvement-Communication Skills (formal and informal

English for Special Purposes

Academic Writing

The Art of English and Language Play-how language is manipulated to suit a purpose (advertising, media, politics etc.)

The Evolution of English-how the English language has changed over time and continues to evolve (including tweets, posts,blogs,chat, sms, US/UK language blends etc)

English as  a Global Language

The style of English (The Formalities and Informalities of the language)

Being a language learner in the 21st century

British Culture-Explored and Explained


PALATINUS Dávid, PhD, senior assistant professor

I am happy to hear from students seeking supervision on topics in digital media, cultural studies, 20th and 21st century British and American film and television, Anthropocene studies, posthumanism, and the war on terror.
Particular topics may include, but are not restricted to, the following:
Television and New Media (histories of British and American television; streaming services as distribution models, etc. You can also choose to offer a textual analysis of a particular series or format, or do audience research)
Cross-Platform Story Telling (adaptations, etc).
Post-Apocalyptic Fiction (and Film)
Sci-fi and fantasy (on paper and on the screen)
Artificial Intelligence in Literature and Film
Narratives of the Posthuman (examples might include but are not restricted to: Westworld, The Matrix franchise, Ex Machina, Blade Runner, etc)
Narrative Complexity and Immersive Universes in Open World Videogames
Mediating Animals: Animals in / as Media
Medicine and Media (medical dramas; medical / health narratives on paper and on the screen)
Digital Media, Digital Identities 
Climate, Conflict, Migration (in literature and film)
Instagramism and the history of Digital Photography'

PINTÉR, Márta, PhD, associate professor

- The afterlife, including various representations, of a key figure of Britain’s History.

- The aftermath of a key event of Britain’s History.

- The legacy of a historical phenomenon in any area of British life today.

- British-Hungarian relations in the past and more recently (in areas of culture, society, politics).

- British-European relations in the past and more recently (in areas of culture, society, politics).

- Any researchable topic/issue in the field of Britain’s History and of Modern British Studies.


SZABÓ F., Andrea, PhD, associate professor

- Individual Authors in American Literature

- Literature and Gender (British, Canadian, and American authors)

- Gender in Culture

- Gothic Literature

- The Female Gothic

- Popular Culture in the 20th and 21st Centuries (gender and visual culture)

SZENTGYÖRGYI, Szilárd, PhD, associate professor, institute director

- English phonetic phenomena

- Pronunciation problems and errors

- Dialects of English

- Comparative phonological description of English and another language

- Language games, word games, puns, language humour



- Stereotypes of African-American women in movies
- American English (history, culture and linguistics)
- Canadian Culture (awkward but friendly neighbors of the USA)